Erasmus+ Mobility: Joint Venture in Fălticeni

ON the 16th of October 2017, the Erasmus+ students arrived in Fălticeni. Most of their work was done at Mihai Băcescu Technical College, the host school. Once everyone had taken a seat and the speeches were made, the students exchanged information with the newer participants. During the last mobility, the entrepreneurship and tourism groups signed an official contract, the joint venture agreement, which combined the strengths.

This mobility’s focus was to divide the jobs into six specific departments consisting of people from both groups. The department of finance started to expand the financial plan they had made last year and wrote an analysis on future competition. Researching the exact details of publishing an app and writing the terms and conditions for the app was the law department’s job. The IT people started working on new features for the app while they collaborated with the marketing department for the Facebook  and Instagram pages. In collaboration with Human Resources, the CEO created an organizational chart. It was used to make sure everyone was working efficiently, as well as set deadlines until the next mobility.

In conclusion, everyone tried their hardest to do as much possible in the given period of time during which the constant connection between both divisions and groups was crucial. While it may have been tiring, in the end everyone had something in front of them they could call their own work. Now we are looking forward to see what they will do for the next mobility.


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