Somewhere Between Thorns and Roses

                THIS well-written book was revealed to us by Sarah J. Mass. She lives in Pennsylvania and loves Disney movies and fairy tales, a fact which is seriously reflected in her writings, her genre being science-fiction and fantasy. The theme of this book is fairy magic and it also has reinterpreted parts of the well-known “Beauty and the Beast”.

A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES begins with the description of Feyre’s everyday activity – hunting. She lives in a village dominated by superstitions and fear after its people were the slaves of faeries hundreds of years ago. After her mother’s death, she remained the only breadwinner for her family, her dad and her two sisters Nesta and Elain. Being in the woods, freezing and hungry, she spots a deer but she’s not the only one craving it. She cannot resist the temptation and kills the wolf which was pursuing the deer, not knowing she will have to pay a huge price for the blood she has spilled. The wolf turned out to be a faerie and now, as a punishment, she has to spend the rest of her life across the wall that separates the mortals’ world from the magical kingdom. Her fate turns out to be not as bad as she thought it would. She realizes the situation of her enemies is even worse and she is the only one who can help them.

The book addresses people of all ages who have an appetite for never-ending worlds of magic. The characters are well-built so they complete each other and the plot is breathtaking at times, as it combines romance and life-to-death situations in such a manner that you’ll be amazed and craving more. I read this book a year ago and the upcoming winter combined with the wintry atmosphere of the book made me feel the magic more intensely and remember my childhood when I was watching all those magical movies and read fairy-tales hoping one day something magical will happen for me too.

In conclusion, this book is one of my all-time favorites and I recommend it to all those who are tired of their boring life and who like devouring books. This book will carry you through every possible state but not boredom.


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