Your Dream Vacation Ends in a Nightmare for Climate

                EVERY day, thousands of people travel by plane. There are countless reasons why: they are on a vacation, they travel for their jobs, they are visiting family… This causes a huge increase of the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This is starting to become a serious problem. We have to stop travelling by plane as much as we do at this moment, but how do you make us?

According to Paul Peeters, a Dutch aviation expert, the only way to reduce the amount of flights is to increase the price of a ticket. A return from Brussels to Barcelona costs approximately €100, Peeters wants to raise this to €600. He is sure that people will use other means of transport.

Are planes really that polluting? According to Peeters, they are the vehicles with the biggest impact on the climate. The more we use them, the worse the climate will become. In 2100, planes will be used five times as often as we use them nowadays. If we continue this ‘habit’, we will never be able to save our planet.


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