Travel with a light wallet?

Written by: Sara Sarajlic

Barging for a good deal on your vacation? Well look no further, 2016 is your year to save some money while still enjoying your free time living like kings. The top 5 places to visit if you want a wallet-friendly trip.

On 5th place, we have the beautiful Western Australia.



Currency fluctuation means that the Australian dollar is a better deal for overseas visitors now than ever before. Here you can find some of the best iconic natural sights, from the rocky coast to the Winelands of the southwest. If you’re searching for cheap prices for shopping while still wanting to explore, this is the place for you.

On 4th place, we have Galicia, Spain. 


Galicia is located in the northwest of Spain, with not many travelers passing by. Galicia is full of countless unspoiled villages and spectacular coastline’s met by rías (inlets). The value of the region comes not only from the low costs but also from the quality of seafood and meat in tapas bars. This means tasting the good stuff in small portions costs less here.

3th place goes to Bosnia and Hercegovina.


The iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge) in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It takes only a few currency fluctuations to make Europa`s big hitters very pricy. Thankfully there are places like Bosnia, where regardless of where you are from you will feel like you are getting a good deal. Inexpensive accommodation such as meals, transport and shopping. And affordable adrenaline pursuits like rafting on the Una river and skiing. Bosnia and Hercegovina both reward the impecunious and those seeking a less well-travelled Europe.

2nd place goes to New Mexico.


If you are looking for a beautiful, active and affordable foodie corner of America`s southwest, New Mexico is something you should definitely check out. Sunny weather is a constant. Hiking in Alpine forests or a trolley ride through the Breaking bad sight is all a part of the New Mexico experience. New Mexico powers your budget further while also offering a value for time as well as monetary perspective.

And last but certainly not least, 1st place goes to Estonia.



Estonia can feel like the promised land that you always dreamed about. Why? Well you know the chunk of change you have in your pocket since last leaving the Eurozone? This chunk of change can probably buy you a round of drinks in Estonia. Upsizing to a better hotel is affordable, the food is cheap and the drinks are almost free, would some say. All your hard- earned cash will be experienced as a gloriously distinctive slice of Europe.

Many would travel straight to the capital, Tallinn, but there are little- known Baltic islands that should definitively be checked out. Lahemaa National park holds the distinction of being the first park in the old Soviet Union. This park is one you should visit if you ever get the chance.

These are 5 amazing places to visit in 2016 that will make your holidays cheaper and keep your wallet full.