Educate your Summer

Written by: Ema Klara Vidovic 

Do you want to travel during the summer? Meet new people along with collaborating with them through work in entertaining classrooms? If so, this article is made for you!

University summer programs for high schools


Most of the high school students await for summer in order to forget about school and relax. However, there are many other superb options to make summer educative and yet the best one of your life. Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Princeton and many more, offer the amazing experience of preparatory courses for universities during the summer. Such experience gives students a rare opportunity to experience the magic life while living on the campus as undergraduates. Furthermore, it allows the participation in the classroom with the highest-ranked professors and peers originating from worldwide. In addition, the ability to choose the courses of your interest exceeds the value of the program through exciting cultural and recreational activities. Moreover, not only will you be working with the most valued faculty and students, you will receive the prestige to tour the city, get involved in the culture and entertainment events in the city of your study.

Opportunities to choose from


Universities offer scholarships for such programs, so get on, browse the internet, search for the summer opportunities, explore the different culture, meet new amazing friends and have the best summer of your life!


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