Welcome to the World᾽s Centre of Animation

Written by: Ema Sabljak

For the seventh year in a row, the small town of Varaždin will be the epicentre of film animation as the host of the International festival of animated films made by children and youth in Varaždin under the acronym – VAFI. This year there will be over 871 films in the running for both the Senior award – films made for children and the Junior award – films made by children.

vafi animation

Picture taken by: Sara Sarajlić

The scale of the event is immensely international and anybody with a passion for film animation can join, including yourself! With guests from over dozens of different countries, including Hong Kong, Spain, China, Israel, Turkey, Slovenia and so on… For the animators from Hong Kong this shall be the seventh VAFI they’ll be taking part in, as they fell in love with the project, and even the small and quaint town of Varaždin, from the very beginning.

This year Israel has been especially engaged. Many Israeli animators shall be a part of the events organization, holding workshops, live performances and a museum exhibition under the name of Jerusalem: home, mystery and reality. In honour of their partnership, this year’s VAFI shall be decorated with symbols of Israel from rosehip to hands of Fatima and stars of David.

vafi animation 3

Picture taken by: Sara Sarajlić

The level of animation is constantly increasing with each year as Goran Habuš, the mayor of the small town of Varaždin himself, pointed out. The event has become a symbol of globalization, showcasing the creations for hundreds of young minds from all over the world. As a couple of animators from Iran, who were unable to come due to the political situation in their country, said the animations are a way for youth to be engaged and to have their own ideas broadcasted to the world; it is, in fact, a way for them to change the world.

Research by: Lorena Brašnić


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