You are what you eat

Written by Anja Eisenring

Are you living in a student residence? Do you cook your own meals? How much do you occupy yourself with what you prepare? Sometimes we forget to think about our diet and where our food comes from. Maybe we have to pay more attention to our body without giving a second thought to the ideal size, shape and weight.

When we talk about food, we should not think immediately about losing weight and specific diets. Our diet is important, that is for sure, and it is occasionally discussed in the media , yet too often in a commercial way. The diets, weight-loss like weight watchers, montignac, tournée mineral, Pascale Naessens, and the crash diet; what dietary pattern is now ideal? We need to let the ideal go. We don’t have to focus on finding the perfect bodyshape or eating habit, we must be healthy and allow our body to function optimally. And not only physical need is important; studies show that you will feel better in a healthy body. That is why it is important to think about your food in your life but therefore you don’t need to start just one specific diet. Think twice the next time you walk into the McDonald’s and look in the shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. With little effort, you can change a lot.

The way we consume our food has a huge impact on the rest of the world. Not only are the animals for meat production treated badly and in an industrial way, they are also pumped full of antibiotics and medication that are not healthy for us. Because there is so much demand for meat the production will keep on growing.  Many animals are suffering for us. They live a very short life in too little space and they die in not too pleasant conditions. This has to change. I’m not here to promote veganism but we might reflect some more on our meat consumption. Ask yourself if that piece of meat is worth it. Wouldn’t you have more taste of a chicken that saw the sunlight once in her short life? More and more ecological and organic shops pop op, maybe you can find one.

In addition, of course there is the large impact of our meat consumption on the changing climate.  I know this has probably been told you a thousand times, and you don’t need to become a vegetarian or vegan, but a small change in our eating patterns can do wonders. If you eat meat only 5 days a week, you are helping to save the world and its residents. Not only reducing the quantity you consume is important but also where you get the meat from. There are ecological shops that sell meat for which minimal CO2 is emitted. This is not just about ‘ the farts of the cows ‘ but also about the food of those cows. Gigantic amounts of trees are cut down for the production of grain for cows, instead of the populations that live in famine.

We enjoy really too little of our meals. We have too little time to cook and to select our products with care. Even youngsters live in a time of constant stress, burn-outs and we should always be accessible. We skip meals and cook frozen foods. Once you have used that fast-cooking method you will use it more and more often even though you know it’s not so healthy. Maybe we have to break the accelerating pace of life and start taking our time again to eat healthy and to reflect about your eating habits.

We cannot turn back time and dodge technology but that means that we should consciously learn to find back calm moments of pleasure or create them ourselves. We have to find back our peace if we want to live a healthier life. Take your time to shop around for your products, cook together and share your meal with your loved ones. Your appreciation for food will rise and soon you will feel better in your body.

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