How to Survive Your Finals: 5 tips

Written by: Dora Grabar

It’s May and it’s finals time all around the world. Most students are only just getting around to studying and that means two things: a lot of material and not a lot of time. Here’s how to make your studying more efficient, without telling you how to study – because that’s something everyone gives you a piece of mind about.


1: Hydratize
Although it may not be the first thing on your mind, it’s one of the most important. Your brain’s using a lot of energy and water keeps you fresh, helping you stay focused for longer. Put a bottle next to wherever you’re studying, so you always remember to drink.

2: Eat
Don’t forget to eat. Your body–not just your brain–needs energy, both to stay focused and to memorise more clearly. Don’t skip lunch, dinner or breakfast and eat snacks regularly. The sugar in chocolate gives you energy, too, so keep some next to your water bottle.

3: Take breaks
Breaks to eat, breaks to exercise, breaks to answer that text you got a while back – this is when you do it. Keep everything out of reach when you’re studying, take regular breaks (depending on your attention span) to keep your brain from overloading. Take them when you finish  studying a part of the syllabus, letting the new knowledge settle in.

4: Reward yourself
When you finish a chapter, or a big section of work you’re studying, get yourself a little something. It’s good to keep you motivated and it’s a break from the routine you’ve probably put yourself in. Make it something you’d otherwise be doing if you weren’t studying, but don’t let it consume too much of your time.

5: Go to sleep at a reasonable time
All of this–and all the studying–won’t have as much of an effect if you don’t get enough sleep. Your brain needs real rest and getting little hours of sleep is counterproductive. Don’t stay awake until morning studying and don’t wake up early in the morning to get over your notes once again. Sleep’s necessary for keeping your brain in check and especially if you’re planning on studying for several days.


If you create a schedule with enough breaks in which you eat and reward yourself for the work done, stay hydrated and get enough sleep, you’re going to get through it. Good luck!


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