‘IT’ – The Movie That Breaks All the Records

Written by: Katarina Plantak

Have you heard of the movie IT? It is really unusual if you haven’t, but don’t worry, now you are going to.

If we want to begin the story the right way, we have to go back to 1986 when Stephen King wrote his 22nd book which, as we can see today, became a huge success. For everyone who is not familiar with him and his work, IT is a horror novel and since recently a horror movie. Today, we can finally see the quality of King’s work on the big screen, 31 years after the book was published. Both the book and the movie are about a group of six boys and a girl who try to find out what is happening and who is responsible for the large number of missing kids in town.

Don’t worry if horror movies aren’t your thing – they aren’t mine either, but this one I absolutely enjoyed. The beginning of the movie truly is scary, but if you survive that you will enjoy the rest of IT. If you are a fan of frightening horror movies, maybe you will be a bit disappointed with the dose of fear you will feel.  The unusual and really great thing in this movie is humor. When have you last seen a humoristic horror movie? Likely, your answer is never – so, this is real refreshment. If you horror lovers are a bit disappointed because there is no fear in doses you enjoy, I promise you there won’t be a lack of action and laugh.

I won’t spoil you the story or tell you anything else about the action. This might’ve lacked information, but hopefully had enough of it to wake your interest and made you Google the whole thing. If you haven’t yet, we both know you will.

Enjoy the movie; you’ll see you won’t regret it.


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