Erasmus+ Mobility: The Next Google Maps

Google Maps brings you where you want to go, but have you seen anything from your environment? Even if you travel long distances, you are just starring at the road and your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that has the same advantages as Google Maps, but also shows you the culture and environment of your trip?

The time of travelling in a bubble is officially over! The moment to pop it has come with Permetior MAPP. Students from several European countries (Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Romania and Turkey) are developing a travelling app that shows you the best local spots to make/get the most out of your trip. It will work with a system based on reviews, just like Trip Advisor.

The app will draw more attention to ecotourism by showing you Mother Nature’s finest spots and the best activities making you look at the world around you. You can share your experience with everyone else by writing a short review. These review will help you choosing the activities and spots you’ll like best.

The app is more personal than all the others on the market. It’s not only a planner, it also shows you the little things: local gestures, practical information—what to bring— some tips concerning different laws and currency values, the prices of the different types of transport and so much more.

You might think that it sounds awfully familiar. That’s because you’re thinking about two other apps: Trip Advisor and Google Maps. Permetior MAPP is the best of both worlds combined. It’s geographically as accurate as Google Maps and offers you the same services as Trip Advisor, making it the ultimate travel app.

Many apps are created to make money, but the sole purpose of this app is to create a more eco-friendly, economic and easier way of travelling for every individual all-around the globe. As previously mentioned, the app is still being developed. The system itself is ready, but the lay-out is currently being made to ensure you the easiest and most accessible way to use it! Buckle up… something big is coming!


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