Fingopay: A New Way of Paying

                IMAGINE: you are strolling around, window-shopping, when something catches your eye. Unfortunately, you don’t have a credit card or cash with you… No problem! From now on you can pay with just a touch of your finger!


It may seem like an impossible task and something you can only see in science-fiction films, but paying with your finger is fairly easy (and not something futuristic). You put your index finger into a scanner and an infrared scan of your veins is being made. It will get compared to your previously registered scan. If both are the same, the transaction will be made.

Is ‘Fingopay’ really that much easier and safer than paying by card or in cash? It takes approximately 200 milliseconds to identify you. Your transaction is done in less than one second! You can’t fake someone’s veins, so you don’t have to worry about fraud. Worrying about your money getting stolen or lost, is also something from the past.

Right now, there is only one place in the world where you can pay with your finger. A university in London is still testing this technology. If everything goes all right, you will not need a wallet anymore in the future… You will be the walking wallet!


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