Mugabe Fires Vice President to Make Way for His Wife

                ROBERT Mugabe (93) has been the President of Zimbabwe for a very long time, but he was first democratically chosen as Prime Minister in 1980. It was when the British rule ended in 1987 that he became the President. He has been known for corruption and abuse of power.

The president’s wife, Grace Mugabe, is now wanting to be the Vice President so that she can take over regency after her husband’s death. She has spread rumors that Emmerson Mnangagwa – the nation’s prior Vice President – had been conspiring behind Mugabe’s back in 1980, apparently working with “the whites” and planning to take away the President’s power. This angered many of Mnangagwa’s followers and people are now afraid that there will be riots against the President.

During a religious meeting on November 5th, Grace Mugabe told the people: “’If you have been paid to boo me, boo, go ahead… I don’t care, I am powerful.” This was after many people booed on Mrs. Mugabe when she made her appearance. Afterwards, Mr. Mugabe asked the crowd: “We are denigrated and insulted in the name of Mnangagwa. Did I make a mistake in appointing him as my deputy?P

Following Grace Mugabe’s exclamations, Robert Mugabe fired his long-time friend and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa for showing signs of disloyalty. This was an obvious act to make way for his wife. Mnangagwa is currently away in exile, but he has the backing of the older members of Zimbabwe National Army.

It’s expected that Grace Mugabe will be elected Vice President soon and Mnangagwa supporters have planned a demonstration against the regency. The BMI risk consultancy has predicted another win for Mugabe during the elections next year.

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