Get Out of Bed and Wear Red!

                WHAT time is it?

What do you see every morning when you look out of the window?

Tiny little rain drops dancing on morning wind; roads covered with yellow autumn blankets. It’s already that time of year when you still remember long and hot summer nights, but suddenly the dreamy white Christmas isn’t so far away anymore.

So, what time is it? The perfect time for designers and fashion brands to present the world the new 2017 winter/fall collection.

Famous fashion brands reveal the new trends for this season on famous catwalks over the world. Fashion weeks in Paris, London, New York go beyond the limits and set new, even more bizarre trends. One day you see them on the catwalk and the next on the streets wherever you go. However, fashion weeks don’t take place only in world famous cities – the ones that dictate the world fashion scene do, but fashion weeks are all around us.

The most important fashion event for Croatia this autumn was the Bipa Fashion week. It took place in Zagreb from 24th – 28th October and it was the jubilee 25th edition. In five days, some of the best Croatian designers showed their work to the fashion desirous audience. The organisation of the event was on an enviable level, as people waited in lines to see the new creations that will soon swamp the streets. The must-have colour is unquestionably red, while the basic brown, black and grey will have to wait in the closet.

According to the new fashion rules set on catwalks around the world, this autumn will be everything except gloomy and boring. Colours will be winning the streets and warming our hearts until next spring.

There is no reason to be sad – just jump out of bed and wear red!


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