FETÖ Suspect Detained While Fleeing to Europe

                A suspect, member of Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) was detained in Edirne province of Turkey when he was trying to cross illegally into Europe.

Former Turkish Armed Forces Member named Ö.E. was before sentenced to 6 years in prison for being part of a FETÖ probe and, later released, considering the time he had spent in prison.

Accused of using ByLock (FETÖ’s encrypted smartphone messaging application), Ö.E. was identified as a secret member of FETÖ.

Ö.E. was brought to Kocaeli province after his detention for necessary procedures.

FETÖ and its leader Fetullah Gülen were responsible for the defeated July 15th 2016 coup attempt. During the attempt, which the Turkish President Erdogan named as a terrorist attack, 250 people were killed and 2220 others were injured.

FETÖ was running a campaign to overthrow the Turkish government for a long time by infiltrating into the military, police and judiciary institutions.


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