CRO – SUPLAST: Students’ Way To Fight Against Plastic Waste

CRO-SUPLAST products

The problem with plastic is widely spread throughout the whole world and it has even affected the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench. In order to find the solution to this problem, students of Gospodarska škola Varaždin, Croatia came up with a virtual company called CRO – Suplast to help contribute to decreasing plastic waste.

            CRO – Suplast was started as a part of an Erasmus+ project „Atrévete a emprender“ (in English “Participate in Entrepreneurship“), whose mobilities were held in Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Poland and Spain. One of the main objectives of the project was to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills. Some of the students’ tasks were: starting a virtual company, making its logo and promoting it. For each mobility during the project, students had to make presentations about their companies. An additional objective of the project was to raise students’ awareness of environmental issues, it was advisable for a virtual company to use eco-friendly materials.

Under the guidance of their teacher, Vanja Perši, the students of Gospodarska škola Varaždin decided to use plastic bags, which are easily available and were collected by students in their school, as the material to make their products. Their products were promoted on the International fair of virtual companies in Spain and some of the products they made were: pencil cases, key chains, coasters and other decorations. As their products were very attractive, they were the first ones to be sold out. All the money earned on the fair was donated for charity purposes.  

Cro-Suplast stall at the Virtual Companies Fair in Spain

The idea of these students can be a good example that trash can be used for good purposes, instead of ending in the sea. We should look up to them and try to come up with similar ideas to help save our planet.

Written by Alitas Narančić

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