The Netherlands – low-lying country with high quality education

The Netherlands (officially, the Kingdom of the Netherlands), also known as Holland, is one of the most prosperous countries of the EU. It is located in northwestern Europe and is famous for a flat landscape of canals, fields of tulips and cycling. Its capital, Amsterdam, is home to The Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House. The official language is Dutch which is very similar to French and German. Apart from its natural and cultural attractions, the Netherlands is renowned for the quality of its education.

Education in this country is divided according to different age groups. There is elementary education (ages 4-12 ) which lasts for 8 years and then secondary education, which is obligatory until the age of 16. After that there is university level education. Dutch universities score really well in higher education rankings. Schools are furthermore divided into public, special such as religious schools, general and there are a few private schools as well. Dutch grading scale runs from 1 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding). Education is coordinated by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

There are 2 types of higher education in the Netherlands: universities of applied sciences and research universities. This country is very open for international students and, there is a considerable number of programs which are in English. The Netherlands is the first country that opened its doors to international students. Also 95% of Dutch people speak English so it is easier for international students to get integrated.

If you want to apply for a Dutch university, the application consists of

  • Motivational letter
  • Letters of recommendation from 2 professors
  • TOEFL test which shows your proficiency in English language
  • your grades and other academic achievements

There are quite a few reasons to choose the Netherlands as the country of your university education:

  • Multicultural environment which is a great experience and the best way to build self-confidence
  • Affordable study costs – all the universities are state-funded
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Netherlands is called “The happiest country in the world“, according to the  World Happiness Report 2019.
  • There are a lot of ways to get scholarships if you are from the European Union
  • Universities also offer Dutch courses

If you are interested in studying law, the Hague is one of the best places to do it because of the Hague Academy of International Law which offers outstanding courses. In addition, the Hague is the seat of the famous International Court of Justice as well as the International Criminal Court so law students can see how legal institutions function at the highest level.

Finally, it is important to mention the role of the European Union which provides different youth programs which make it easier for students to get in those universities and experience all the benefits of studying in the Netherlands.

Written by Mateja Nogić

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