The EU is ready for Generation Z

Generation Z is considered to be technologically advanced, self-dependent, environmentally aware and dexterous.

The year 2020 has started off in a rather curious way. There is a lot going on in Europe and the rest of the world, with some of the most talked about news being The UK leaving the EU and the Coronavirus spreading rapidly. With this kind of beginning, there is no way of telling what awaits us in the upcoming future. The only thing we can do is make sure that we are ready for it. But how to achieve this?

Generation Z

A thing that has to be taken into consideration is that the future heavily relies on Generation Z. Generation Z is a name given to the people born at the end of the 1990s and early 2000s. The range differs from source to source, but this one is the most common. Generation Z is considered to be more technologically advanced, self-dependent, environmentally aware and dexterous. It is no doubt that the future of the EU, as much as the world, is in their hands. Nevertheless, the EU has the obligation of making Europe a better place for the young. So, what does the EU have in store for them?

The EU Youth Strategy

One of the most important things they have to do is to make it easier for young people to connect with each other. To achieve this, during the 6th cycle of the of the EU Youth Dialogue, with the help of young people themselves, the EU has devised a strategy. It is called the EU Youth Strategy.

“Engage, connect, empower” – key words of the EU Youth Strategy

The EU Youth Strategy is a programme which revolves around three main words: engage, connect and empower. These three words are the basis of the eleven goals the Strategy hopes to achieve, such as equality of all genders, mental health and wellbeing or quality employment for all. The Strategy was set in motion in 2019 and is going to last until 2027. But it’s not just the EU Youth Strategy that is connecting young people. There already are some international programmes, like Erasmus+ or Euroscola, that have been and will be offering to the young numerous opportunities to connect with each other for the time to come.

All in all, with these programmes and the Strategy, the young should be confident about the future. A lot of positive things have been said about the programmes and since the Strategy has been co-produced by the young, it shows that they are ready to take on the future.

Written by Marko Plantak

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