Italy Singing the Virus Away

The situation with the coronavirus has gotten alarming over the past couple of weeks all over the world, with Italy being the worst affected European country.

Source: Twitter/@Petit_Wendy35″

As of March 19, the number of cases has risen to 236,920 people worldwide. Luckily, more than 86 000 have been cured, according to the Worldometer website.

Despite these numbers, the COVID-19 disease is still spreading pretty quickly and the situation shouldn’t be handled too lightly.

Social Distancing

The WHO has decided to declare the outbreak a pandemic, meaning that the coronavirus will probably spread to all countries on the globe. Because of that, people are advised to stay at home and not to go to major gatherings in order to stop the virus from spreading even further.

Singing Quarantine in Italy

One of the countries with the most infected people is Italy, which has imposed a nation-wide quarantine on March 9, 2020. One would think that this decision would dampen the people’s spirit and that the country would fall silent. However, Italians don’t give up that easily. To keep a sense of community, they gather on their balconies, bring whatever instruments they have whether it be a guitar or two frying pans and simply start singing any song that comes to mind. It is truly a remarkable thing to see people encouraging each other and revive their spirit in these struggling times.

If you’re interested in seeing how this looks, just type in “Italy singing quarantine” on YouTube and you’ll be able to see dozens of these videos.

Written by Marko Plantak

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