Sightseeing –an Unforgettable Experience

Sightseeing is an integral part of traveling, and in my opinion it is a cherry on top. I hope you get inspired by my stories and take into consideration some of my suggestions. I can guarantee you an unforgettable journey full of stories.

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Sightseeing without a map

This way of exploring the city is for sure my favourite, especially in historical parts of big cities. It is a majestic experience to let yourself get lost in the maze of small streets or shady paths of parks, and then suddenly find yourself next to the architectural monument surrounded by crowds of wandering people. You never know what you might  stumble upon. It can be a view of a charming old couple feeding birds, accompanied by grandchildren who burst out laughing in a decaying lane. Or walking down the alley you might smell the vigorous aroma of fresh baked bread from a small bakery. You can always take a chance and start talking to some locals about a secluded dining spot or some cozy coffee shops hidden from the gloring fame of guidebooks.  Maybe you will meet a new friend for the evening or for the whole life. Roaming without a plan gives you a chance to experience history in a peculiar way, by haphazardly running into small museums or reading graffiti from different time periods.

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Technological sightseeing 

If you cannot travel due to various reasons such as a tight budget or mobility issues do not despair nor feel limited. If you got inspired by my experiences, I recommend virtual traveling by using technology. Very often when I try to explain to my grandparents where and how I experienced a certain memorable thing, I open Google maps, where there is an option to “walk on streets”. That way, you can still experience what the visitors of the place do and as a bonus, you will not need to deal with mosquitoes nor bad weather.

The unfamiliar familiar

I hope you either can relate to my preferences or at least understand my point. Consequently, maybe next time you travel you can spend your time sightseeing. If you do not know how or where to start, I always think it is nice to explore your own town, because very often we just take the same paths to school/university and other places that are part of our daily routines. Thus, I highly recommend planning one day for the exploration of your natural habitat. You just might be surprised by less conspicuous treasures of your town! If nothing else, enjoy the simplicity of sightseeing.  Being constantly in movement or taking breaks just to enjoy a breeze of warm wind in your hair are equally important elements of this fabulous activity. The ball is in your court.

And if you already are an experienced traveller, please share your experiences and maybe recommend some places 🙂

Written by Maria Sedova from Lund, Sweden

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