An Intro to Improv

Written by Ema Sabljak

On Tuesday, the 12th of April, Working Group 4 – Art, music and humour – of the Erasmus+ project, English through Entrepreneurship, had the privilege of taking part in an improvisation class lead by Jan Kerekeš. Jan Kerekeš is an actor and screenwriter widely known in the Varaždin and Zagreb area. He runs the Kerekesh Theatre alongside his father, Ljubomir Kerekeš, the theatre’s founder, who is also an actor, director and screenwriter. It is understandable that the art of theatre runs in the veins of the Kerekeš family, and he therefore had a lot to teach the group.

Jan Kerekeš demonstrating his character in the play “Krtice”, photo credit: Ema Sabljak

The young actor began the workshop by discussing historical characteristics of theatre, especially about Commedia dell’Arte as it was a form of theatre characterized by improvised performances.  He then assigned typical characters to the students that taught them the elements of a good character: body language, face expressions and the character’s voice. The workshop was joyful and enjoyable to everybody present, evoking lots of laughter.

“We learnt almost every element needed to create a play and a character in a short period of time, such as how to be comfortable in front of an audience and how to create a convincing and well-rounded character” says Sonja Tomiek, member of the Arts, humour and music group.

Creating a character’s body language, photo credit: Ema Sabljak
The importance of face expressions, photo credit: Ema Sabljak

Acting and improvisation skills can be very useful, and in this case Jan Kerekesh created a workshop that was in Sonja’s words: “fun, informative and creative.”


  1. This sounds interesting, wish I could be there too and take part in the workshop. Looks fun and I hoped you in working group 4 found it relevant for your work!


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