Fashion blog – A double-edged sword

Written by: Lorena Brašnić

 ”Did you know that every 0.25 seconds, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world?”

This statement, according to Fashion Colleges in Italy, is inevitable evidence of nowadays’ popularity of fashion blogs which are more and more replacing the fashion magazines and advertisements resulting in ”Instagram girls” dethroning the professional designers and models.

Everyday inspiration

All of us, especially girls, every once in a while, need inspiration for outfits, combinations or just update of new trends, fashion shows, etc. Not only that fashion blogs provided us with news about fashion, but also give us valuable information about travel, lifestyle, jobs and careers from the first hand. Their popularity and attraction of fashion blogs are lying in the fact that among diverse information, everyone can find something useful for themselves, whether this is some advice that the one can apply in everyday life or popular colors this season. Following fashion blogs is mostly in discovering the unheard voices of women who devoted their time and care to introducing the world of fashion and beauty to other women which often results in a well-paid job.


”Hello from the other side..”

As it is often in the world of fame, beauty and fashion, where everything seems like in a movie and where girls seem to have perfect lives, there is the other, darker side of the story. Censorship nowadays became worthless when it comes to fashion blogs within the most popular ones are on Instagram. Different kinds of both appropriate and more often, inappropriate pictures are available sending the wrong messages to youth. The young girls tend to compare themselves with models making them their role models and by that developing a low self-confidence, false ideals and negative body image. The false reality being presented to them has resulted in believing the models’ bodies in pictures are attainable, without considering whether the Photoshop or some other tools are used in order to leave an impression that is on both hands passing and superficial.



  1. I think though that more and more people are starting to promote natural beauty and that we are taking steps towards acceptance!


  2. I totally agree that Social media is a double edged sword. I think a better understanding of the current fashion climate and having realistic expectations work well.


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