Apps that help you control your life

Written by: Heran Daniel 

In today’s world, we can pretty much use or do everything from our phones. I won’t lie, I my self have way too many apps on my iPhone and I only use half of them. But there are APPS that help me get through rough days and as well complete my daily routine. If you don’t have these apps you are way behind and you need an upgrade in order to conquer your selfie game or even your own body.


Vsco cam is my go to photo-editing app. I would say that this is the app that I use most and all my photos are edited through this app. It has everything you need from manually adjusting exposure to the opacity of filters.


2. Spotify 

Not matter what your mood is this app got you covered, there are playlist just ready for you to explore. You can pretty much listen to anything and my favourite playlist so far would be The Beatles jeep you read that right — not just that but I love the random searches.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.22.43

3. Snapchat 

This app is the best way to get a glimpse into anyone’s real life, you get 15-second insight into people`s daily lives. Especially if you need a motivation you, then better follow DJ KHALED. #keytosuccess.


4. Instagram 

I love using Instagram to share what I am up to and find inspiration from people with creative feeds. Just snap a photo, then choose a filter of your liking and share it to the world.  My favorite thing about Instagram is that you can share your picture on facebook,  Twitter, and other social media. Even boring photos can look amazing just by using the filters. So what are you waiting for, if you don’t have Instagram you better go and download it FOR FREE.


5.  TripRider 

Oh yes, the excitement of traveling. I travel often and when I do, I tend to forget some things behind. So this app helped me a lot with for example; my packing list, expenses, and places that I could visit while I am away. Not just that but this app is a travel app for keeping trip details in one place. It is easy to use and works offline as well. If you want to write a quick note on how your day was, note this app got you covered.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 18.25.30Picture: Triprider website 


6. Water App 

I have a confession; I don’t drink “enough” water. And there are different opinions on how much water we should drink on our daily basis.The health authorities recommend that we should at least drink 8-ounces of water every day. Staying hydrated is good for your health & skin. So stay hydrated with this app and get all the toxins out.



Regular photos are dead for this generation, so if you don’t want to be boring make your photos look alive. This app lets your pictures move, making it fun for you to see them and even make your feed look eye catching. It is so addictive I tend to post daily.



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