The benefits of volunteering

Written by Irina-Ștefana Chiriac 

Finding free time to volunteer can be hard with such busy lives and the amount of responsibilities we have. However, volunteering is beneficial to everyone who is a part of it. In addition, it reduces stress, helps you make more friends and discover some skills you did not think you had.

Why volunteer? It offers vital help to people in need, and attention to causes that are worth solving and it brings smiles to a lot of people’s faces. It is true that the more you volunteer, the more benefits you experience, but it doesn’t mean it involves long-term commitment or that it takes a huge amount of time from your busy day. When talking about the benefits, there are plenty of them. But the most common are the following:

#1. Volunteering connects you to others


One of the best things about volunteering is that you can make a lot of new friends and it connects you to the community you belong to.Doing even the smallest tasks makes a difference not just in the people’s lives, but can also positively affect animals and organizations in need. It also increases your social and relationship skills.

#2. Volunteering provides benefits for your mind and body

Volunteering helps prevent the effects of stress, anger and anxiety. It also combats depression, makes you happier and increases your self-confidence.

For a lot of people, it provides a sense of purpose. There are men, women and children who have faced many difficulties and challenges in life and by getting involved, they can find new meaning and direction in their lives by way of helping others. Whatever your age or life situation is, volunteering helps you take your mind off your own worries and helps you stay physically healthy.

#3. Volunteering advances your career

It offers you the chance to try out a new career, not necessarily long-term, and it is a great way to gain experience in a new field.Your volunteer work might also expose you to professional organizations or internships that could benefit your career path, while also teaching you valuable job skills.For youth, volunteering can also provide different certificates which helps you get accepted to the college of your choice.

#4. Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life

It is easier to explore your interests and passions while you volunteer and it can serve as an escape from your day-to-day routine of work, school or other commitments and therefore renews your creativity and motivation.



If you are wondering where you could find opportunities for volunteering, the answer is quite simple. There are surely a lot of them if you ask around in your school, libraries, local animal shelters, theaters/museums etc. You just have to show interest and commitment.

Donating some of your time for volunteering is one of the best things you could do with your life. Just be sure of what you are doing. Ask questions, make sure you know what is expected of you in the situations you are involved in, don’t be afraid to create changes and remember to enjoy what you are doing.

Remember, the world needs more volunteers! 🙂

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