To buy or not to buy online for prom?

Today everybody is shopping online. The Zalando’s of the world seem to be taking over the brick and mortar shops. But is buying online really always better?

Here below you will find an article written by Romi Weitman in which you’ll read that girls’ dreams are not always fulfilled by seeing and buying clothes online. Sometimes, the experience of shopping and buying things online can be disappointing.

-Lara Meyers
Head Newspaper Agency


Written by Romi Weitmen

Prom is always a source of pleasure for upperclassmen who anxiously await to attend it, although this not the only part they look forward to. Especially when it comes to girls. It’s a special moment when you find and purchase that one perfect dress, but where do you buy it? We interviewed a girl, who provided advice on buying your prom dress based on her own experience.


Beth fell in love with a dress she saw online and before searching in any other stores she purchased that particular dress. Based on a photo, she had an image of what her dress would look like on her. When this dress eventually arrived, she was baffled with what she received. It was lovely, but not what she intended to buy. Smiling, she recalled that the dress had a huge veil, totally inappropriate for a prom. To adjust the dress would mean to ruin the whole fit, so instead she went to a store with her mother. Once Beth arrived, she saw dresses she thought she would never find in a normal store.
After a few fittings she found her perfect dress and realized how she should have come to the store in the first place.


The message Beth would love to emphasize, is to watch out when shopping online and not to make any rash decisions. Pay attention to where you buy certain clothes, because the photos can be deceiving. The best way of shopping is going to the stores, trying the clothes and knowing you have got the right one.



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