Medicine and technology go arm in arm with each other

Written by: Melih Özdemir

Over the past centuries, new medical developments and techniques have changed the face of healthcare. The technology plays significant role in both finding cures for rare diseases and treatments of existing ones. Highly developed technology has improved diagnostics of diseases whereas advanced equipment and tools enable doctors to provide patients with the medical care on the highest level possible. On the behalf of the patients, nowadays their chances to be cured are greater than ever before, but also, the enhanced technology reduces time-consuming paperwork with which doctors have to deal. The electronic databases make easier access to lab results, records of vital signs, etc. Very important interconnections between hospitals as well as their constant interactions are also consequences of technology interfering with medicine.


Every Pro has its Contra

On the other hand, medical machines also caused practical problems. Safety concerns and high costs have limited their use. Furthermore, technology has changed the relationship between patients and doctors leading to distrust of experts. Also, there is internet. It has brought a new dimension to the spread of worries and health scares. Whereas previous health concerns were published in the usual media sources or obtained by experts in their fields, new and unsubstantiated health worries can be instantly transmitted to worried individual. The number of people who prefer checking their symptoms online rather than going to see a doctor is alarmingly increasing. In addition, environmental changes when it comes to advanced technology have resulted in questioning safety of mobile phones, vaccines, genetically modified food, and food in general.


All in all, development in technology will always be considered as one of the turning points in the history of medicine. However, no technology, improved tests or new drugs will ever replace the justification of and expert doctor of medicine in whose judgement, medical knowledge and love for humanity will forever be intertwined.


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