Busy People at Atheneum Kapellen

Busy People at Atheneum Kapellen

October 2016 |

Kapellen, Antwerp



Last Monday and Tuesday (17 and 18 October) the doors were open for all students from Atheneum Kapellen to go and buy thé new school hoodies.

Everybody Hooded

‘Dozens of students were standing in line to buy a hoodie’

As it seems, hoodies are still very fashionable, and our school is still beloved. Dozens of students were standing in line this week to purchase a hoodie. Selling both bordeaux and black sweaters with the brand of the school printed on it, many students see it as an opportunity for unison in clothing on certain occasions as well as having something to remember this period in their life by.


The sweaters are priced at a reasonable 30 euros for all sizes. Although that isn’t cheap it certainly is not expensive seeing what you get in return. The delivery will take place in the beginning of December so all students can start 2017 wearing their new favourite sweater.

School prom 2017


29th– 30th April is going to be an epic night.

Although the 29th of April (prom night) is still very far away, many of Atheneum Kapellen’s students are already planning and prepping prom 2017. From what we’ve picked up and what we can already see it will be an epic prom night in the history of Atheneum Kapellen. The profit that’s being made from the hoodies sale will be given to those organising school prom. This is to make sure the setup and the decorations can be funded and people will be amazed when they enter the venue.

Of course you will be kept up to date with the developments happening in and around Atheneum Kapellen throughout this year and the next. This includes articles about prom and much more, as Atheneum Kapellen is a busy place. Make sure you keep up to date!

Erasmus Plus Project

As a reader of newsforYOUth.org, you are enjoying the efforts and achievements students all over Europe have made. By reading and liking these articles you give us a tremendous hand in keeping up the good work and staying motivated to continue the project until its ending in 2018. Enjoy the reading pleasure and feel free to share our page.

-Written by Lara Meyers

Head Newspaper agency


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