Deadpool- The Hero of Laughter

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Written by: Ionut Sopon

I have recently seen Deadpool , an action movie directed by Tim Miller and released in cinemas in 12th February this year. Now I can say that those were one of the best 105 minutes spent in front of the TV watching a guy fighting for his love. It was just like a cookie: the perfect ingredients mixed together to create something that will definitely make you say: “Wow! This thing is really awesome!”

On the top of the list of the ingredients is the cast. First of all, Ryan Reynold made a legendary performance in the role of Deadpool, being like a clown at the circus: hilarious, somehow scary and “well dressed”. Ed Skrein , as Ajax , was exactly the opposite of Ryan, being dark, very serious, well dressed and quite funny in some moments, but just in some. The one that was as funny as Ryan was Stepfan Capicic as the voice of the X-Men mutant, Colossus, that was absolutely delicious in every moment with his “being a hero” speeches. Finally, Morena Baccarin, as Vanessa (Deadpool’ lover), played extremely well, passing from funny to emotionally destroyed in a blink of an eye.

As I mentioned before, this is an action movie where a guy is fighting for his love, so you’ll probably think that the plot is a normal one for a love story. Well, yes, it is a love story indeed, but one you won’t easily forget.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), an ex-military, works as a mercenary at Sister Margaret’s where he falls in love with Vanessa (Norena Baccarin). Everything just seems to be milk and honey for them until Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer in liver, lungs, prostate and brain. As the doctors can’t do a thing, he accepts a radical solution from a private company, but the experiment fails, transforming him in a superhero with regeneration ability and super powers, but a creepy face. So, he gears up and starts a journey to find the man that destroyed his life and took him the chance of going back to his love. In his journey, he gets help and psychological support from his friend, Weasel (T.J.Miller), and two of the X-Men mutants, Colossus (Stefan Kapicic-voice) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hilderbrand). Not expecting that kind of love story, right?

Despite its perfect love story, the film presents some imperfections. One can say the plot is too much twisted, as a present plan intertwined with past and future may simply confuse the viewer who is required maximum attention. Besides, the excessive use of slang and improper language can be disturbing to a certain extent. Deadpool swears a lot, but it’s a part of his dark humour and sarcasm, and just as a warning, don’t let children below 15 years of age to watch this movie.

I highly recommend Deadpool  as it is worth all the effort of sitting comfortably for 105 minutes to watch it.

Image source: Forbes,

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