‘Clockwork angel’ book review

Image source: Little Miss Mermaid, http://www.littlemiss-mermaid.com/review/book-of-the-week-clockwork-angel/

written by: Bianca Andreea Blanariu

Clockwork Angel” by Cassandra Clare is the first book in “The infernal devices” trilogy which precedes the well-known book series “The mortal instruments”. The action takes place in the second half of the nineteenth century, in London, this fact bringing extra flavour to this book series.

Tessa Gray is a sixteen years old orphan who moves from America to England. Not long after reaching the English land she is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, well-known figures of the Downworld. This is when she realizes that she has an unprecedented gift. However, Tessa finds out that she has to marry the most powerful person in the Downworld but, before it happens, she is rescued by a group of shadowhunters that take her to the Institute, a huge, hidden building in the middle of London.

Tessa falls in love her rescuers, and in spite of some secrets and bad attitudes, her heart splits in half. As if it weren’t enough, she doesn’t get rid of being followed by different people who want to use her for evil purposes, even if her two guardians try their best to protect her.

“Clockwork Angel” exceeded by far my expectations as it didn’t catch my interest quite from the beginning but it soon made me regret I hadn’t taken the chance to read it earlier. I like the fact that the love at first sight is not the main idea and the book is full with funny dialogues and breathtaking passages. I read it as fast as I could, hoping it would never end. I recommend this book to anyone looking for something good to read or those passionate about the dark supernatural underworld and its forces and mysteries.

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