Donald Trump wins the election

Written by: Sara Sarajlic

What many believed would be impossible, has just happened. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the run for the presidential seat.

On the election night, there was great excitement over the important tilt state, Florida. No president has ever won the election without the support of this state, therefor when there were fewer than 100 votes separating the two candidates, many Clinton supporters became nervous. It was not until 96% of the votes were counted that it became clear that Trump had won in Florida. Trump also conquered many states that many considered to be Clinton`s. When Donald Trump then won tilt state, North- Carolina with 15 electoral votes, it began to look bright for the Republican candidate.

On november 8th, 07.40 UTC, it became clear that Donald Trump, former reality-tv host and real estate mogul, would become USA`s 45th president. He will be known as one of the world`s most powerful people and the supreme commander of the world`s largest military power.

His shocking win has brought all media and poll- departments predictions to shame. The renowned statistician Nate Silver had lowered the chances for a Clinton win hourly through the night. He had reported that there was a 79% chance that Trump would win, but just a few hours earlier the number was equivalent in Hillary Clinton`s favor.

As of early next year, the American government will be governed by the Republicans. The house of Representatives will have 239 republican congressmen getting them the majority in votes. The same will go for the senate, where there will be 51 republican senators, making it easier for the new republican president, Donald Trump, to make changes to law.

Clinton was forced to recognize the loss and called to congratulate Trump on his win. In America, the messages started pouring in about Trump ecstatic supporters and Hillary`s crying fans. The American people are now divided in two and are not able to see eye to eye. Donald Trump now has the task of gathering the American people by getting Clinton`s supporters on his side. The biggest problem for the US will no longer be the foreign policy, but rather the Americans themselves and their internal quarrels.

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