Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere has the Biggest Ratio in the Last 800 Thousand Years


                GLOBAL warming has been a threat for many years, and preventing it by lowering carbon dioxide emission hasn’t been successful enough. The precautions we are taking will be in vain because of the effects of El Niño, warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific. According to research, the ratio of carbon dioxide in the air is the biggest in the last 800 thousand years.

Scientists from the World Meteorological Organization worked on a report about the causes of global warming, such as greenhouse gases, methane gas and nitric oxide with information on 51 countries. According to the reports from 2016, the carbon dioxide density in air was 403.3ppm (parts per million). This density rose to 440ppm in 2015.

The president of the Observing Atmosphere part of World Meteorological Organization Oksana Tarasova mentioned that the density of carbon dioxide emission has been the biggest increase for the last 30 years. The increase of 3.3ppm is 50% larger than the increase ratio in the last 10 years.

Humanity as a whole is trying its best to decrease the carbon dioxide emission. The drought caused by the El Niño effect is the reason why carbon dioxide ratio is increasing. However, natural causes do not exclude the fact that people are the reason for unacceptable amounts carbon dioxide in the air.

According to the report from World Meteorological Organization, the carbon dioxide emission in air during the last 70 years is 100 times larger than the carbon dioxide emission in ice age. This, alongside the El Niño effect may cause an increase in the number of unforeseen climate changes which will harm economy and the human race.



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