“Milk and Honey” for the Soul

                THE book that touched souls and changed minds.


Besides, how can we get over a breakup or ignore the feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same?

You can get an answer while reading this book as it will reach your heart and not even the smallest part your soul will remain unexplored and untreated. Your self-esteem will be rebuilt, brick by brick, with every deeply-read verse.

This book became one of the most appreciated books of this year, and rightly so. The feminism which it shows at the beginning is neither mischievous nor harmful, but quite the opposite. It encourages self-respect and the idea that your mental health is more important than the image other people have about you.


The first reason why this book impressed me might be the manner in which it is written – the punctuation marks are missing completely. This thing seemed a bit weird at first, but while reading I realized that it offered me the possibility to interpret the existing ones in whatever manner I felt appropriate.

The second reason is sincerity. The easiness with which Rupi Kaur unburdens herself and the fact that she is putting a mighty part of her soul between the pages, a thing not often met in other books, was truly a matter which touched my heart.

Eventually, no one is capable of showing and expressing the feeling encompassing you while reading this book except you – so what are you still waiting for?


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