Erasmus+ Mobility: Together Again, but for the Last Time

                THE five countries, Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Norway and Croatia, members of the international Erasmus+ project “English through Entrepreneurship”, have met in Strasbourg to participate in the last mobility from 12th – 16th  March and to achieve the final goals of the project. The participants are members of three main working groups – the newspaper group, the entrepreneurs and the tourist group (the last two previously signed a joint venture agreement) – each one with its own things to settle in this last project meetings.

On the first day, the entrepreneurs and tourist guide groups presented the travel itineraries of all countries and the design of the flyers in which later on they will add all the itineraries together. These flyers will also include info of the project and then will be presented to the tourist agency in Strasbourg as to be offered free to interested travelers.

The joint venture group split in 3 departments: content and design, operations and marketing, all working hand in hand to achieve the final product. The first department includes 10 students, all responsible for the content and the design of the itineraries. The second one is made of 5 students and is responsible for finding decent prices for the flyers containing the finished itineraries. The last department containing also 5 students is responsible for finding as many ways as possible for promoting the flyers and to present them to the tourist office. The task of organizing a guerilla marketing campaign is also theirs, with the students finding free and creative ideas.

As you know, the newspaper group has the task to keep you posted on whatever is new in our project. Don’t forget to read the rest of our website.


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