Erasmus+ mobility: A crash course to English through literature

Written by Aysenur Kurtulus

On Wednesday the 15th of February, the Erasmus+ students went to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to attend a literature camp.  Immediately, the students were impressed by the atmosphere of the building and physical opportunities the school offered. .

IMG_7473.JPGThe literature camp was held by Professor Anita Normann – a University lecturer and a silent partner of the project – and she had prepared English learning activities for the students through literature tasks. They started with ice-breaker games that students enjoyed participating in. The students continued in separate groups and moved onto literature studies that started with writing activities –  where they discussed perfect opening sentence with the help of handouts prepared by Anita Normann. They were asked to share their answers with the group and finally with the whole classroom. One of the opening sentences that the students liked the most belonged to the book called ”Dustbin Baby” which was about domestic violence, teenage issues and likewise. It had been made into a movie which was formerly discussed among the students. Before they saw the trailer, the students thought that the book was written for kids, but Prof. Anita Normann explained that this book was perfect for upper secondary schools. After having the examples of the opening sentences each group was obligated to write their own opening sentence. This activity then continued as chain writing exercise and  the groups switched papers and continued writing sentences to make a story which included different points of views from each group.


The next activity was called reading theatre and two groups were combined in order to practice the text which was from the book Dustbin Baby. The goal of the activity was read it aloud but creating different emotions and intonations by assigning sentences to different group members. Their seats were placed far from each other to encourage them to speak louder.

The students, teachers and also Anita Normann all enjoyed the activity and most importantly learned from them. She concluded by saying that studying with Erasmus+ was a pleasure for her and thanked all of the students for participating in this camp.

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