Erasmus+ mobility: Daytrip to Røros

Written by: Emma Habarurema

On Thursday the 15th of February, the Erasmus+ students took a two hour bus from Trondheim to Røros. It is the next biggest commune in the district of Sør-Trøndelag with about 3 700 people living in the center.  The commune borders Norway’s neighbour country Sweden on the east – it takes about forty-five minutes from Røros to Sweden. The town used to be a copper mining town from 1644 to 1977 (333 years), and is today a very popular commune in Norway with around nine hundred to one million tourist each year.


When the students arrived they were given a group exercise, which was a quiz about Røros where they had to walk around and “explore the town” in order to find answers to each question. They started at Røros Station where the bus arrived, and continued up Kjerkgata. On the way up the town lined up with small cute buildings of different colors. The first places they visited was Bergstadens Ziir, a church located at the top of Kjerkgata. The church was built in the period between 1870-1874 and is Norway’s fifth biggest church with about 1600 seats. Berstadens Ziir is also considered one of the ten most important church buildings in Norway. Among the other places the students got to explore there was Rørusmuseet, Smelthytta. This is where the copper ore was allocated to copper back in the days.


Afterward, the students walked up to the hills of slag, here they stayed for a while enjoying the nature of Røros with a beautiful view of the town.


Around two o’clock Frank Nordvik held a lecture for the members of the Erasmus+ project at Røros upper secondary school. His presentation was mainly about Røros, and among the things he talked about in his lecture was the history of the town, what it has have to offer and the goods of Røros. Did you know that in 2013, Røros’s butter was rated the best dairy product in The Norwegian Meal?

The student can agree on that the day was adventoruis, fun and of course, educational. The combination of the groupe excercise and the lector from mr. Norvik made learning about Røros interesting.


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