Erasmus+ mobility: The results of the Norwegian mobility

Written by: Ali Arif Kilinc

This is the third step of the Erasmus+ project English Through Entrepreneurship and all the participants gathered in Norway. All groups had 1 week to reach their mobility week goals so everyone worked hard to fulfill them.

The first Erasmus group is called the Entrepreneurship group. They decided to create a new trip adviser app, this app will be useful for their jobs and it will have benefits for others groups too. This week they worked on financial reports, which contain advice about the expenses and the planing budget. The first group also developed the marketing and advertising of their products. We listened into their meetings, where they planned the creation of a joint venture between the Entrepreneurship and Tourist Guide groups. They select some project that they can work together. This meeting ended with a smile and a handshake. All members worked hard and they progressed a long way from their beginning.

logorealtransThe Newspaper Agency is the second group in the Erasmus+ project . Their target is to become a real International News Agency, expressing the voice of the youth so they designed a website  “News For Youth”. The hardest part was to produce a logo for the website because this logo must have explicit meaning – it cannot be just another standard emblem. After some exhausting brainstorms the group generated a logo. In the middle of the emblem there is a world showing Europe and five characters standing around it. They are covered in flags. These characters represent the group members by wearing their national flags. Symbolically showing that they come together to make news for the world. They also worked on their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts they are using to advertise themselves and to show the backstage fun.

The third group or the Tourist Guide group are prepared a list about finding your way and choosing the best place while traveling. They will use Instagram to accomplish this goal. By using Instagram they can send photos about the famous tourist places and also they can make  comments on it.

In conclusion, it is noticeable  every group did their best. If they continue like that they can reach their goal very soon.

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