Democrats Take a Win in Virginia

                THE results of the latest election to take place in Virginia were not expected by the majority of the state’s population, even attracting nationwide attention.

The democratic gains were far higher than the expectations anybody had for the last election day. Plenty of results were extremely close and are most likely going to be recounted in order to be able to determine the final answer.

It is said that Democrats emerged victorious in more than a dozen races in the Virginia House of Delegates, causing the unsettling of longtime Republican supporters.
As of 10:30, Democrats had already taken more than 14 districts, according to the votes reported by the non-partisan Virginia Public Access Project. Not even the most optimistic dreams of the Democrats would have foreseen this outcome.

Experts state this might lead to the entire state flipping parts, yet there is still a long way to go, since Republicans still outnumber the Democrats in the House about 66 to 34, sources say. This year was an all time record for the Democrats and the rise is seen as a huge one, especially considering that not longer than 2 years ago, Democrats picked up just a single seat.

Democrat candidate Danica Roem, who had a 54% of the vote, became the first transgender oficially elected in Virginia’s history. Despite making lots of improvements, especially to transportation and road maintenance, she is still better known nationwide because of her gender identity.


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