Crypto Crisis is Getting Bigger: The Latest Situation About Bitcoin

                CRYPTO Crisis, which started in Asia, has jumped onto the Pacific’s other side. The US’s most important banks started performing embargo to Bitcoin which is showing a decrease, while financiers are concerned about a possible increase in piracy cases.

Bitcoin might have ensue with being an alternative currency, whereas it was being welcomed as one of the favourite investment tools until December 2017. However, on the first days of 2018 countries such as China, South Korea and India attemped to forbid Bitcoin and crypto money commerce.

Bitcoin, which is having a sprite graphics due to it’s design, had it’s first prohibition rumours from China. Last week, the country’s stock market declared an emergency by reason of the fact that one of the biggest crypto money robbery in the history. Millions of people’s investments on marketplaces such as but not limited to China are having important effects for global crypto currency.

In the same weeks, South Korea faltered because of the statements said by government officers about crypto money. After South Korean financiers sold their Bitcoins, staple had another hit and the process was followed by the situation in India and Indian financiers.

Aside from the financiers named the “whale” who are behind Bitcoin, Bitcoin had a sudden decline due to formal statements committed by channels. Almost all crypto currencies in a steep decline.

Bitcoin, which has dropped under 8 thousand dollars in 3 February, lost it’s value by more than 50 per cent in a single month. Residual concerns are expediting this decline.


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