#MeToo in Norway

                RECENTLY there has been a lot of media coverage regarding the #MeToo campaign in Norway as well as in other countries. In Norway, the major media have had their focus glued to politicians and senior officials. Everybody wants to know whether or not their boss or the leader of a particular political party has been involved in some blameworthy actions that would make them unfit for their work.

It started with the #MeToo campaign in the US, which was the result of actresses addressing the inequitable distribution of power in the American film industry, where many women have experienced sexual abuse and harassment. In Norway, young and mostly female politicians stand forth and tell their stories about the abuse of power done by older politicians. This is a really important matter that should have the highest priority in our modern society.

The Conservative party’s youth party has recently had some problems with their leaders showing indecent behavior. Now, this is not the only reason for concern as there seems to be a lack of proper guidelines and procedures when it comes to handling the alerts that have been made in both the past and recently. Politicians in critical positions have had the opportunity to continue indecent behavior while the leaders have done little or nothing.  This has happened in several political parties and sadly it has led to young people leaving politics, not wanting to pursue a career due to the behavior of the leaders.

The importance of the #MeToo campaign must not be undermined. It is important that we shine light on these matters, so we can take all necessary precautions and change people’s attitude.


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